Well, I TOFTT on this one, and honestly I’m glad I did. First time I had to do this type of screening instead of the normally word of mouth. I wanted 2 hrs which would have been a first on my book, but due to our schedules conflicts, I can only 30 minutes. Which we made the most of it. LOL.

We first had lunch at a local restaurant, I opted to pay for it. No big deal. It was so we could get to know each other better. She’s the type that if she likes you, you will have a great time cause she really gets into it. If not, she probably will cancel the appt.
So we meet back in the room, and she had a nice out fit. I can tell she was ready, we didn’t get a chance to DFK, I probably could, but she was more focused on what was in my pants than what was in my mouth. BBBJ She ranks up there in Alabama in the Top 5. No lie. If she’s feeling you, she gets real nasty with it and will let you know. She will let you DT and a Russian was awesome. The whole time she will tell you she wants to drain those balls. I wanted to CFS but her head game was too much. After she said she wanted me to “paint her face” well, that set me over the edge. All around the mouth but a weeks worth all over those big titties. She loved it, but here’s the kicker, she didn’t run and wash like others do, she said “I want some more” and kept sucking until I got too sensitive. Then we cleaned and she cleaned me up with a towel, I had 15 minutes and she said “I got to get some more” after getting a huge load on her already. Yikes! Well, go ahead.
She made sure I popped twice did CFS missionary, you will love that cause she’s telling all about getting more of you load while you’re pumping her. She’s vocal and responsive too. Ripped the package off, she stroked and sucked until I gave her another fresh load to play with. Then she said, “but I need some more” I was weakened now. If I have the 2 hrs still, I think I would have just let her have her way and deflate me cause that’s what’s she wanted. She probably would have gotten two more loads if I did the 2 hrs then how she is, probably see if I can go one more. A little joke, she said on the second load, it was so good, she might want to wear it on her for the rest of the day. Lol! She is fun.
Her personality is genuine, if she likes you and you treat her right, she’s give you an experience you won’t forget. Then the next visit may tailor to whatever fantasy you like, but check with her first if she will be into it.
There was a review about her body size. I’m not going to knock it, I respect it cause people have their preference. Nothing wrong with that. As for me, I like thick women. She’s not sloppy at all. She’s thick and bubbly in the right places. And she’s Italian too. So if you’re into BBW, you will have a lot of fun with her. Spinners are ok, but there’s something about a thick girl that’s just so much fun. I’ve been told that for years, I didn’t know it until I experienced it myself. If you like the porno type of experience, then she is up there for you. As far as FS, you have to strap up. No exceptions. Personally I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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